The 2 secrets of brain language

Understanding the language of the brain

In this article you will find out how your brain handles positive and negative information and how to take advantage of its natural functioning.
There are simple methods to apply to promote your trading and get the most out of situations.
You will see for yourself, when you target certain aspects, your brain always acts the same way.


Your brain only handles positive information

Don't imagine an elephant. Try not to imagine an elephant.

What happened is you thought of an elephant then, you have thought of something else.

Another try. Don't imagine yourself mowing the lawn.

You imagined yourself do something other than mow that lawn. Perhaps playing with your children on the lawn, relaxing on the lawn, or standing doing nothing on that lawn.

The brain is incapable of handling negative information. It’s impossible for you and I to imagine not doing something. The brain will process the information in a language that it is able to handle.

In itself, the brain can only manage information that is positive.

Of course it seems completely bogus to tell yourself NOT to think about this or that. This is just to make you understand and practice the fact that the brain only handles positive information.

And this is what you should use in your communication. Speak positively. For example again, answer “please” rather than “no problem”. Who has a problem, there may be a problem?

In fact, adopting a language based on the positive meaning, with positive words will make you appear more enthusiastic, playful. And that’s the overall attitude you’ll get.

Do you prefer that I tell you "I feel it's not going to rain" or "I feel the weather is going to be nice"?

Don't I sound more enthusiastic that it will be a good day?

The brain needs to understand why

When faced with events, the brain needs to know why this happened.

It will be easier for you to get someone to act like you if you explain why. Give the reasons for your requests, for your actions, will give you more chances to get what you want.

For example if I need 5 euros and politely tell you "would you have 5 euros for me please?" ".

What are you going to do ? You might ask me why I need it because your decision which will follow depends on why I ask you. If I don’t give you a reason it’s likely that I won’t get the 5 euros.

If I say to you "Would you have 5 euros for me please? I really need it ".

We agree that this reason is not really valid. Yet I have just increased my chances of getting what I want. Simply because your brain has been fed for some reason.

What if I say to you 'would you have 5 euros for me please? I need it so that I can afford this train trip. "

I increase my chances of getting what I want even more.

In conclusion

Adapt your language methods to enhance the positive meaning of your messages. You will send a message of enthusiasm around you.

And what people think of you defines how they'll behave around you.

Try to give a reason for your request. Even the most innocuous ones will break down the unconscious barriers the brain needs to make a decision.


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