3 tips to increase your productivity!

What is giving your maximum?

The information on this subject circulating to date can be interpreted in different ways. Your point of view is certainly not mine, and mine is not that of others.
What do you understand by "give your maximum"?

In this article I will explain how to approach this question and I will give you some ideas to better manage your productivity.

 There are in my opinion 2 global interpretations that are possible: That of doing the maximum until exhaustion, and that of simply being satisfied and being proud of the tasks accomplished.

The first is arguably the most popular. Between these messages that say "do it right away" "do not postpone until the next day" etc. In other words it is doing, doing, doing ...


Your energy level defines YOUR maximum.

You have more productive days than others, rougher mornings, a cold, physical exhaustion and so on.

If you are independent or even at the head of a business you have the possibility of following your own patterns.

Too much will exhaust you mentally and / or physically, so repeated you will degrade your health. In the wage sector, burnout affects more than a quarter of people.

Why ? Because the pressure demands total and uninterrupted dedication.

Is it profitable? No. Neither for you nor for your employer or your business. It's like a virus that eats away at you every day until it reaches the day too long.

Conversely, not doing enough will also feed you unpleasant feelings such as frustration, loss of confidence, questioning about your own productivity, etc.

Did you know that most of the causes of illness are triggered by poor mental health?

You have to put your sanity at the center, the heart of all your choices and decisions.

It is only the machines that are productive non-stop.

Listen to yourself, your body and your heart.


So how can you be sufficiently productive without falling into exhaustion? 


Move away all distractions

Cut notifications from your smartphones. Also avoid working in places where distractions are present. TV, bed, coffee machine etc.

The mind likes to be distracted. We all like immediate satisfaction. See how hard it is to resist a nap when tired if you have a sofa nearby.

We live in a world of immediate satisfaction. Your mind will easily choose to be able to distract itself, to rest instantly rather than to stay working for future satisfactions. The problem grows more and more with our current society.

Who then Robert 45, or Thomas 22, has a greater tendency for distraction and places more value on immediate satisfaction?


Develop a profitable morning routine

For some it is easy to get up the first time you wake up, and for others the "pushing back 9 minutes, and 9 minutes, and 9 minutes" is a perennial problem every morning.

Make the decision to get up earlier! Plan a supportive morning routine to gently wake your body and head up rather than getting up last hour and leaving your home barely having time to get dressed, do your hair and drink a little pick-me-up.

The benefits of a morning routine will be the subject of a future article.


Give yourself regular short breaks

Program an alarm clock to let you know when you are at work and when you are relaxed and distracted.

One hour of work for 10min break, then another hour etc. Take a break of at least an hour at noon, and repeat this pattern in the afternoon.

Human capacity does not allow us to be "full" for more than an hour at a time without mental exhaustion. Respect your biological rhythms and organize your phases of work and rest. You will be much more productive and you will respect your natural rhythms.


In short

Be aware of your rhythms, they are unique to you, limit distractions so as not to be interrupted in your work phases and always make that little effort to refuse a distraction to avoid any guilt.

Adapting this scheme will not be easy because you have your own habits that are well established. A study has shown that it takes 30 days for the brain to assimilate new processes such as habits. Get into the habit today of forcing yourself to do these little things, no matter how uncomfortable they are with your current habits, for 30 days. Thereafter it will be no longer any effort.


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